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ARIE Capital Limited is a financial services group with a cross-border focus


We concentrate primarily on venture capital investments and providing advisory and fund management services

We have offices in London, Beijing, Los Angeles and Tel Aviv, giving us a truly global reach and perspective


Our primary sectors are:


               Life Sciences


                         Sports and Media Tech

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As well as its headquarters in London, ARIE Capital maintains active hubs in both Israel and China...

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Meet the ARIE Capital Team

Let us introduce you to the people behind ARIE Capital...


Advisory Services


ARIE Capital provides a variety of advisory services with a particular focus on helping startups expand into the Chinese market...

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ARIE Capital Portfolio

Learn more about ARIE Capital's current portfolio of investee companies from around the world...

ARIE Finance

ARIE Finance is a native digital banking service based on a unique proprietary core banking platform. Our solution provides a bespoke platform for any institutional investor, mid-to-large corporate, or fast-growth businesses.

Through our unique financial service ecosystem, we enable each of our clients to create their own journey and unique banking experience with a more flexible, user-friendly and accessible solution regardless of their location or specific banking needs.

Combining multi-entity and multi-currency account management alongside international payment and FX services, ARIE Finance provides a fast, more secure, and flexible customer banking experience, underpinned by the latest in proprietary and licensed banking, and financial technology.


For further information, please visit:

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In 2019, ARIE Capital established ARIE Capital Nanjing as its new headquarters in China. 

Its talented team hails from diverse backgrounds and has a deep understanding of Chinese business culture, as well as first-hand knowledge of the local market dynamics.

Nanjing has become one of the most important business and technical hubs in Asia in recent years, with one of the largest concentration of engineers in China thanks to more than a dozen local universities. It also holds its annual Nanjing Tech Week, attracting startups and investors from around the world.

Now, ARIE Capital Nanjing has partnered with the Jiangning Development Zone (“JNDZ”) to launch a brand new China-Israel fund, helping the best Israeli technology companies to establish their base in Nanjing and expand into the Chinese market.

For further information on our new fund and ARIE Capital Nanjing, please click here!

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ARIE Capital Limited 
115 Eastbourne Mews
W2 6LQ

+44 (0) 20 7087 3570

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