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ARIE Capital Portfolio

SatixFy is a leading provider of satellite and quasi-satellite communication technology that radically reduces the cost, size, weight and power of user terminals, payloads and gateway equipment whilst simultaneously increasing their performance.

Tel Aviv, Israel


The only player in its field to offer a complete solution from chips to pilots, SatixFy's integrated approach allows them to work in several markets in parallel, including IoT, satellite and ISP.

SatixFy was founded by Yoel Gat, co-founder and former CEO of Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd. and a well-known figure in the satellite networks industry.

Founded in 2015, Bosco offers an innovative anti-bullying solution that gives parents an insight into their child’s activity by detecting unusual events, changes in their behavior or potential threats to the child.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Bosco combines advanced AI and machine learning technologies to offer an ongoing algorithmic analysis of data collected from the child’s smartphone.

Bosco combines great expertize in both its R&D and marketing abilities, and works side-by-side with psychologists and experts in harassment in the digital environment to ensure the most accurate and meaningful results.


CementDAO is the only decentralized platform that curates and unifies the best stablecoins to provide risk protection to stablecoin holders. Its independent rating agents select qualifying stablecoins, group them together, and a market-driven insurance provides the holders with risk protection.


CementDAO is a growing community of people that wants to see cryptocurrency and financial freedom become mainstream, unifying the stablecoin ecosystem by bringing users of the 160 different coins together.


Its team includes Venezuelans who have suffered from inflation, cryptographers who want to implement financial privacy, entrepreneurs who want to build real products, and bankers who have seen the current financial system from the inside.

Oasis' smart SIM provides both end-to-end and customized services to enable the deployment of global USIM technology connectivity and management.



Oasis'​ mission is to embed USIM technology in all connected devices and provide secure services to manage their activation and connectivity. It offers a full set of services for embedded and reprogrammable SIM, plus solutions for activation, connectivity and subscription management.

Oasis contributes in shaping the globally-connected world by combining leading edge USIM technology and disruptive business models in a migrated focus from products and solutions to software and services.

CUJU is a web-based platform creating and distributing original content relating to top-league European soccer aimed specifically at Chinese audiences. Through CUJU’s videos, Chinese soccer fans can finally experience the excitement and fervour of the world’s most popular soccer leagues and meet some of the personalities behind them both on and off the pitch.

London, UK / Beijing, China


CUJU is rapidly expanding from being ‘just’ a content creation platform to becoming a full-scale online commerce ecosystem, helping external brands to deliver content to a Chinese audience that can be commercialised through its sell-through capabilities. 

CUJU is a joint venture between ARIE Capital, Precious Media, Zig Zag Productions and Buzz 16 Productions.

Integra is focused on commercializing Life Sciences IP from Hebrew University (HU), the leading research university in Israel for Life Sciences with an R&D budget of over $80m. 

Tel Aviv, Israel

Capture.PNG (1).png

With a focus on biopharmaceuticals and medical diagnostics and devices, Integra employs multidisciplinary teams of experts to work alongside inventors and take a hands-on approach to achieving commercial success.

Integra currently holds a diversified portfolio of eleven companies in early to late stages, with partnerships with a number of leading investment funds.                                                         

The IntelliGym technology is a breakthrough SportTech concept, proven to improve the performance of thousands of athletes by more than 30%.

Tel Aviv, Israel


Working with national teams and elite teen athletes, the Basketball IntelliGym and Hockey IntelliGym improve a range of crucial skills, perceived as untrainable until recently. 


These include skills such as awareness, reading plays, anticipation, decision-making under pressure, execution, long-term concentration, and avoiding errors.  

floLIVE offers a global IoT ecosystem in the cloud, designed for Chipset Manufacturers, IoT Service Providers, MNO’s and IoT platforms. Being the owner of its intellectual property allows floLIVE to be highly flexible and creative, as dictated by today’s demanding market.

London, UK


With over 10 years of experience serving IoT and M2M customers, floLIVE's offering has evolved and can be consumed globally as a service.

This includes offering a core network with 3G/LTE elements; connectivity at unmatchable rates; multi-tier IoT billing that supports the most complex business models; remote provisioning with vendor-agnostic eUICC management; identity management for a world-class mobile identity platform; inherent security providing true peace of mind; and more.

Peratech is a pressure-sensing solutions company. Its patented QTC® technology provides cost-effective mass-produced next-generation touch solutions to some of the most exciting and innovative companies in the mobile, automotive, industrial, robotics, consumer electronics, and health/sport diagnostics markets.


London, UK


Peratech is an award-winning team of passionate technologists, engineers, scientists, and problem solvers that is constantly looking for the best teammates to help make the company a great success.

Peratech is an equal opportunity employer that believes the best people come from all walks of life all over the world.

Net4 sits at the top of a well-positioned group of companies serving the IoT market. Its core focus is on cloud technology platforms whilst strategically investing in partnerships to enhance its market position and technical capabilities.


London, UK


Net4 is currently operating two platforms: “Voica” (enabling anonymous voice calling to be added to any app), and “Aukid” (creating dashboards to control and interpret data received by sensors).

Net4 has the capability to provide sensors, gateways and IoT devices, connectivity (Cellular, LoRa & BLE), connectivity management and distribution.

Cipia (formerly Eyesight) is the most advanced machine vision and deep learning solution on the market, with applications in VR, AR, automotive, smart home, medical devices and more.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Cipia is the only company offering simplified user interactions that are intelligent and personalized together with user analytic data. 

Cipia has created embedded sensing solutions that enhance user experiences in homes, cars and consumer electronics, allowing touch-free interactions with the devices surrounding us. Their computer vision technology was designed for applications including gesture recognition, finger tracking and much more.


JobJob is an innovative location-based mobile app for the hourly-wage industry, providing a full-HR solution that matches employers with potential job candidates.






Tel Aviv, Israel 


Seen as a “Tinder for jobseekers”, JobJob simplifies the employment process for both employers and job applicants.

So far, JobJob has seen over 500,000 downloads in Israel, 15,000 jobs advertised and 180,000 job seeker profiles created. 

Founded in Sweden in 2008, MYCAB is a unique ground transfer service that provides pre-booked and on-demand ground travel services to and from over 300 airports in more than 75 countries worldwide.

Stockholm, Sweden


MYCAB offers a fully-managed professional car service that includes round-the-clock support.


For corporate travel companies and booking platforms, MYCAB offers consolidated invoicing and reporting to reduce admin costs and identify global cost efficiencies for large organisations.

The MYCAB product and technology is already integrated with most of the world's leading travel management companies and GDS booking platforms.

Redux creates technology that uses vibrations to turn the surfaces of phones or tablets into speakers or provide haptic feedback.


London, UK


Redux works with leading manufacturers around the globe to deliver a new generation of devices designed to exploit the potential of panel audio and tactile feedback.

Redux's  technology can bring benefits to a variety of markets: enhanced safety in automobile and industrial sectors, greater productivity in computing, and the potential for easier access and a new level of personalization for mobile device users everywhere.

Engage offers a white label communication platform with broad functionality with new feeds, payments, chat, gamification, forms, automation and vouchers. 



Tel Aviv, Israel

Smartphone applications are the prime channels of communication and engagement for organizations, brands, affinity groups and communities. However, the cost of developing these in-house is often prohibitive.

Engage's technology streamlines community engagement whilst also providing a rich source of data and insights at a cost-effective price point.

Engage Logo.png
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