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The Naning Pavilion Features At InnoEx 2023

On April 12, InnoEX 2023 was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The “Nanjing Pavilion”, accompanied by 26 related Nanjing digital technology enterprises under the organization of Nanjing Municipal People’s Government, made its debut at the exhibition.

On the same day, our city kicked off the Nanjing (Hong Kong) Technological Innovation Promotion Conference and unveiled the Nanjing 2023 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition for Overseas Talents (in Hong Kong).

In conformity with the theme “Connecting the World with Innovations for Better Living” of InnoEX 2023, Nanjing Municipal Science and Technology Bureau and Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Commerce gave priority to the field of “Digital Plus” and organized 26 enterprises to demonstrate artificial intelligence, big data, software information, and smart home and other innovative products and solutions.

Such kinds of “going out” exhibition boosts exchanges and cooperation among corporations, thus expanding their international markets.

J30 and J40, which function as wet cleaners, dry cleaners, sweepers, floor scrubbers and vacuum cleaners, and complete tough floor cleaning in narrow spaces, are two types of indoor commercial cleaning robots produced by Yijiahe Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yijiahe") that have appeared on the exhibition.

“We endeavor to the successful R&D, production, promotion and application of robots with rich technical accumulation in sectors such as AI, machine vision and navigation”, Liu Yanjun, Head of Overseas Marketing of the Intelligent Cleaning Division at Yijiahe, told the journalists, also mentioning that J30 and J40 were just released to the public in March 2023, marking the first step of the company to apply its multi-year technical superiority in the cleaning area.

On the first day of the exhibition, the above two kinds of robots caught the attention of numerous upstream, midstream, and downstream enterprises involving suppliers and purchasers. Liu Yanjun said, “I would like to express my thanks to the relevant departments of Nanjing for organizing the exhibition participation by groups, which is in favor of our understanding of overseas customers and partners’ thoughts and demands.”

Another company, Nanjing Vision Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Vision") displayed products such as optoelectronic chips, mini-spectrometer sensing modules, spectrometers and spectral cameras grounded on micro-nano structure technology.

“Enterprises have transformed the spectral devices mainly applied for R&D and lab experiments to miniature, low-cost ones with rapid customization. Hence, they can be used in many emerging sectors like biopharmaceutics, industry 4.0, environmental pollution monitoring, family beauty and health, machine vision, and so on", said Wang Yujie, director of Vision.

Among those products, the 100-channel snapshot hyperspectral camera can provide both videos and spectral data synchronously. The camera is a globally advanced product having its premiere in the domestic industry. He also said, “We are in the phase of astounding business expansion and financing. We have obtained a lot of resources owing to participation in InnoEX 2023, infusing new vigor into future development.”

The aforementioned “Nanjing Pavilion” was divided into the Overall Exhibition Zone of Nanjing Innovation Environment as well as Enterprise Exhibition and Exchange Zone. The former zone presented our city’s resource endowment, pillar industries, carriers and platforms, scientific and technological innovation service, open innovation environment, etc., in a systemic way. The latter shows the up-to-date innovative products and digital solutions in corresponding fields submitted by 26 enterprises such as Archermind, Whale Cloud, Yijiahe, Full Truck Alliance, and Nanjing Institute of InforSuperBahn.

InnoEX 2023 is known to last until April 15. For one thing, it concentrates on smart life, intelligent city, digital commerce, and other areas, aiming at stepping up the docking and cooperation between technology & solution providers and city managers. For another, the exhibition highlights the promotion of innovative and technological R&D projects and achievements, thus enhancing high-tech industrialization and internationalization.

A responsible person from Nanjing Municipal Science and Technology Bureau said, “Over the years, Nanjing and Hong Kong have achieved notable results in two city’s cooperation of technology research and development, involving carbon emission technology, solid waste intelligent sorting technology, targeted anti-plaque oral cleaning materials, lithium battery safety early warning technology and other research and development and industrialization practice co-organized by Nanjing enterprises, the University of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the Hong Kong Institute for (China) Park Economics Research Limited”.

Since this year, a new upsurge in the exchange and cooperation between the above-mentioned two cities has taken place. In the coming days, Nanjing will proactively extend and deepen the docking and cooperation with Hong Kong in innovation resources, give full play to its role of Hong Kong’s “super contact”, and support local enterprises to carry on the joint R&D and set up R&D institutions in Hong Kong.

It will also explore offshore innovation, and take various measures to gather innovation resources on both sides to jointly intensify innovation cooperation between Nanjing and Hong Kong, which will be conducive to promoting the self-improvement and self-reliance of high-level science and technology.

Nanjing continues to be an exciting place to do business, and ARIE Ventures is delighted to be based in such a forward-thinking location!

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