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ARIE Capital Nanjing is launching

a new China-Israel Fund


The new fund is in partnership with the Jiangning Development Zone (“JNDZ” ), which operates the largest high-tech industrial park in Nanjing, and who will be its anchor investor and logistical partner.

Fund Highlights

  • Governmental support to ARIE Capital’s investees for the launch in China will offer:

    • Tax relief          

    • Free office space         

    • Talent pool 

    • Industrial resources          

    • Grants and subsidies

  • Investees have exit channels both in China and in the West, and mother companies may have the opportunity to sell or float their business locally or globally

  • Investees can take advantage of the high value supply chain in China, affordable R&D, and access to very high multiples

  • Companies will have the opportunity to ramp up sales fast

For more information about the fund or to receive a full presentation, please contact Gianni Jiang at  

Image by Kenneth Yang
Image by Atul Vinayak
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