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Nanjing Ranks 8th In Leading 200 Science Cities Index

A new study from the website Nature found that Nanjing finished 8th in its latest rankings of "science cities" across the world.

This is a remarkable achievement for the city as it beat out such major metropolises as Paris, Los Angeles, London, and Seoul.

These rankings are testament to the incredible levels of activity that Nanjing has witnessed over the last few years as it has grown into a world-class hub of science, technology, and R&D, and reflects the heavy investment made by the local authorities to build its infrastructure and attract new and upcoming businesses.

It also justifies ARIE Capital's decision to choose Nanjing as the home of its Chinese venture arm, where we maintain a full-time office and talented team. ARIE Ventures Nanjing has partnered with the local Jiangning Development Zone ("JNDZ") and works to help exciting international technology companies expand their businesses into China.

If you would like to learn more about Nanjing and ARIE Capital's work there, please contact us at

To see the full rankings of science cities from Nature, please click here.

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