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Nanjing: The Perfect Chinese Home For Foreign Investment Projects

In one of our previous posts, we highlighted Nanjing's rising status as a tech hub with a strong focus on artificial intelligence. However, Nanjing is much more than "just" that, having shown impressive growth across a variety of sectors, including manufacturing.

Perhaps most significantly, Nanjing has made a major push to attract and build foreign investment projects. This makes Nanjing the perfect location for ARIE Ventures' China office, as well as a natural choice for any international companies who are looking to expand into China.

On the morning of May 16, the "Cloud Signing" of foreign investment projects and the "Cloud Awarding" of foreign headquarters enterprises in Jiangsu Province were held. On the same day, 53 key foreign investment projects were signed, more than 90% of which were manufacturing projects.

The event also awarded 72 multinational companies with regional headquarters and functional institutions.

A total of 7 foreign investment projects were signed at the Nanjing branch, covering chemical, automotive, intelligent manufacturing, biomedical, and other fields.

9 foreign-owned enterprises were recognized as regional headquarters and functional institutions of transnational companies in Jiangsu Province and were awarded with medals.

From January to April, the total import and export amount of Jiangsu Province was 1.66 trillion yuan, representing an increase of 7.1%. The actual use of foreign investment in Jiangsu Province was US$15.93 billion, rising 41.5% year-on-year, continuing to be the largest in the country.

Nanjing's first-quarter foreign investment results were equally impressive - the import and export of goods maintained growth and the actual use of foreign investment increased significantly. In the first quarter, the city actually used US$2.28 billion of foreign investment, up 30.4% year-on-year.

Nanjing and the surrounding Jiangsu Province continue to grow, and ARIE (working alongside our partners at the Jiangning Development Zone) is delighted to be on the ground and part of this unique opportunity.

For further information about ARIE's activities in Nanjing, and how we can help your business expand into China, please contact us at .

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