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The Nanjing-Acre Wall Photo Exhibition: Strengthening Relations Between Two Ancient Cities

One of the ARIE Group's most significant achievements was raising the first ever China-UK-Israel fund in 2015. With its headquarters in London, and a significant presence in both China (including our partnership with the Jiangning Development Zone) and Israel, ARIE is delighted to see the continued collaboration between the countries.

As part of celebrating the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and Israel this year, the Nanjing-Acre Wall Photo Exhibition recently opened in the ancient seaside city of Acre in northern Israel and ran for several weeks from August to September.

The exhibition, co-organized by the Chinese Cultural Center in Tel Aviv, the Municipality of Acre, Nanjing Culture and Tourism Bureau, and other organizations will last for one month. Cai Run, Chinese Ambassador to Israel, and Acre Mayor Shimon Lankri attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches.

Cai Run said that the Nanjing-Acre City Wall Photo Exhibition allows visitors to experience the past and present of these two ancient cities, showing the collision and interplay of ancient history and modern life, which is a unique historical and cultural landscape.

This photo exhibition serves as a window for more Chinese and Israeli people to deepen their understanding of the two countries’ long history and culture, and lays the groundwork for further strengthening of the exchange and cooperation between China and Israel in the cultural field, thus promoting bilateral cooperation in various fields to continuously strive for new achievements.

Lankri said he had visited Nanjing seven years ago and had a deep impression of this ancient capital of Six Dynasties. He hoped the Nanjing-Acre City Wall Photo Exhibition would promote cooperation in Acre and more Chinese cities.

Tao Chen, director of the Chinese Cultural Center in Tel Aviv, said that this photo exhibition is an important initiative of the Chinese Cultural Center in Tel Aviv to gradually resume exchanges with the local government and cultural institutions since the COVID-19 pandemic. He hopes that this exhibition will help the Israeli people understand both the cultural similarities and differences between the two countries and promote people-to-people communication.

For further information on ARIE's activities in both China (Nanjing) and Israel, please contact us at .

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