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ARIE Ventures Nanjing Attends The 2022 China-Israel Tech Promotion And Commercialization Forum

ARIE Ventures Nanjing was delighted to attend the 2022 China-Israel (Nanjing) Tech Promotion and Commercialization Forum.

We were honoured to be the only VC company that was invited to be a panel guest in the forum, where our executives discussed how ARIE can work with Israeli high tech businesses to develop their activities in China.

Additionally, in the company roadshow session, ARIE offered its insight and experience of working in China to the 8 Israeli high tech companies that were being showcased (as detailed below).

The forum was successfully concluded on September 19, under the guidance of the Nanjing Science and Technology Bureau and Nanjing Science and Technology Association. The event was hosted by the Nanjing Jiangning Development Zone High-tech Industrial Park Management Office. and organized by the Nanjing Overseas Collaborative Innovation Center and Messe Nanjing.

Amongst other highlights, 8 Israeli innovation companies conducted wonderful online promotions and technology:

  • Israeli foodtech and healthtech company AlgaHealth

  • Seed-X, which employs AI machine vision to sort seeds and improve crop yield, having already completed a $10 million Series A

  • New energy asset management SaaS company enSights

  • Better Juice, a sugar-lowering technology company that has closed $8 million in its seed round

  • SeeTree, an orchard technology testing company that has closed three rounds totaling $44.7 million

  • AgroScout, a crop disease monitoring software company that has already closed $11.35 million in investment.

  • The world's leading variable voltage output solar cell solution technology company, SolChip

  • Port and waterway digital twin technology provider, DockTech

Senior executives from local enterprises such as Zhongke Health Group and Nanjing Tsing Zhan Artificial Intelligence from the Jiangning Development Zone also conducted professional technical exchanges and matchmaking with these companies on a one-by-one basis. Both Chinese and Israeli companies have expressed their expectations for further in-depth exchanges and cooperation between the two sides.

Avi Luvton, Executive Director, International Collaboration Division, Israel Innovation Authority, said that the event provided a platform for Israeli companies to showcase themselves, whilst also acting as an opportunity for Israel to open up the Chinese market and deepen China-Israel cooperation.

From the Chinese side, it was also an important opportunity for Nanjing to promote international development. The city has made enormous strides recently to become the perfect Chinese home for foreign investment projects.

This event was carried out as a combination of "online + onsite". The forum was well received by online Chinese and foreign delegates and audiences. The cumulative number of live stream viewers exceeded 13,000. Following the event, the Overseas Center will coordinate further conversations between participating companies and their Chinese counterparts.

ARIE looks forward to being part of this process and working with these companies on their China development strategy. Over the past few years, ARIE Ventures has built its own China infrastructure based in Nanjing, enabling us to help foreign companies to understand and adapt to the Chinese market very quickly and efficiently as they look to expand their activities there.

For more information on ARIE's activities in China, and how we can help your business expand its activities there, please contact us at .

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We all at @ARIE Capital look forward to co-operating with companies looking to take advantage of what China has to offer by way of investment and market opportunity

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