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ARIE Capital Discussion About ESG With Martin Fox

ESG is one of the hottest topics in the investing and startup communities right now. This is an area where we can really step up and take the lead, creating the technologies that can help shape a more environmentally-friendly future.

At ARIE Capital, we see ESG as more than just a buzzword. We view it as part of our responsibility as an investor.

That's why we look for companies that create a positive societal impact and a better future for our planet. It's also why we have partnered with ESGgen to perform an environmental audit on all the companies in which we invest.

But what does ESG really mean, and why is it important, particularly for an EIS fund such as our ARIE Tech EIS Technology Fund?

We had an expert fill in the gaps for us. Martin Fox runs Bulletin, a specialist marketing consultancy in the financial services area, as well as chairing the Committee on Research, Education, and Marketing for the Enterprise Investment Scheme Association (EISA).

We were delighted that he took a few minutes to speak to our Investment Manager Ricky Margolis on this very important topic.

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