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ARIE Capital Announces Two Upcoming IPOs From Its Current Portfolio Of Technology Startups

The IPOs mark a significant success for the London-based VC fund and its investment strategy

London, 10th March 2021: London-based venture capital and financial services firm ARIE Capital is pleased to announce that two of the companies from its current portfolio of technology startups have confirmed their plans to hold an initial public offering within the next few weeks.

The two companies in question are:

  • SatixFy: a leading provider of satellite and quasi-satellite communication technology that radically reduces the cost, size, weight, and power of user-terminals, payloads, and gateway equipment, while increasing their performance and the cost of the air-time (OPEX) of the satellite capacity

  • Cipia (formerly Eyesight Technologies): a leading provider of intelligent sensing solutions that use edge-based computer vision and AI for safer and better mobility experiences

Satixfy plans to list on the Tel Aviv stock exchange in the coming days with an expected valuation in excess of $400M, while Cipia will follow shortly after by mid-April with an expected valuation in excess of $150M.

These developments represent a remarkable success for ARIE Capital and its investment strategy, as well as an expected substantial return for its investors. The boutique VC firm initially invested in both companies about 3 years ago, and has been actively involved in both companies as their valuations significantly increased.

“SatixFy and Cipia were two of the earliest companies that we identified when we first formed ARIE Capital, even before its launch in 2016”, noted ARIE Capital CEO and cofounder Simon Tobelem. “They fit perfectly into our strategy of identifying understated deeper Israeli technologies with the potential to be part of a game-changing dynamic in traditional industries. As such, they represented exactly the kind of growth potential that we now see coming to fruition”.

Stephen Margolis, Chairman and Co-Founder of ARIE Capital, also commented: “These upcoming IPOs show the remarkable results of ARIE Capital’s investment strategy. Whilst we are a fund that looks for dynamic growth in our startups, we always intended to be more than ‘just’ an investor looking for quick turnarounds. We aim to act as a strategic partner, working with our startups to add value beyond simply writing a cheque, and sticking with them to achieve the best possible exit in the medium-to-long term where necessary. We are delighted for both Cipia and SatixFy, and see them as great examples of ARIE Capital’s broader investment strategy really paying off”.

To learn more about ARIE Capital, its investment strategy, and its approach to investments, please visit its YouTube channel by clicking here.

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Natan Essers
Natan Essers
20 дек. 2021 г.

Is there any update with the Satixfy IPO? Really looking forward to participating.

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