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ARIE Capital Announces Official Partnership With Regionally

ARIE Capital is delighted to announce an official business partnership with Regionally.

Regionally is a business that promotes and connects regional investment into high growth regional businesses to strengthen local economies.

The partnership is especially timely due to ARIE Capital's current EIS Technology Fund, where the company is actively looking for the best and most innovative startups in the UK to invest in.

The UK has consistently proved to be one of the best environments in the world for technology startups, but some founders have complained that its investment landscape is too London-focused.

Regionally was founded with the mission of democratising the UK's startup investment scene to enable the best startups to raise the funding they need, regardless of where they are located.

The relationship between ARIE Capital and Regionally should provide additional support, exposure, and funding to some of the outstanding startups outside of London.

We are excited to work closely with the Regionally team and look forward to a successful partnership going forward!

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