What We Do

Arie Capital is a UK based venture capital firm focused on investing in Israeli technologies. Israel is now a technology superpower and we support small businesses with advanced technology expertise to build on their commercial abilities. It is home to major players in the high tech industry and has one of the world’s most technologically – literate populations.

Israel’s innovation R&D (Research and Development) is recognised as a leading global centre, second only to Silicon Valley.

Our Approach

We believe that with our extensive experience in both venture capital investment and start-up management; we can optimise global reach and increase the reach in high-growth economies.

Investment Targets


Investment Management Strategy


Complementing Areas of the Business

Additional Private and potential EU funding

Marketing and Development skills

Access to EU Market

Established Stock Exchanges

Business Development Platform

Leading Technology

Constantly innovating

Highly educated and motivated workforce

Strong appeal to US and Far East Corporate players

Practical/entrepreneurial business approach

Fast-growing Economies

Innovators and Innovation hungry

Strong Industrial capabilities

Very significant financial resources

Largest potential markets in the World (India, China)