Mergers and Aquisitions


Investment Banking

We are dedicated to help our clients find strategic growth opportunities through Cross-Border transactions: Acquisitions, Mergers, Strategic Partnerships, International Business Development and Capital Raising. We are able to serve as an outsourced M & A / Business Development Division for businesses that have critical mass for growth transactions but lack resources to handle cross-border transactions.

Strategic Advisors:

We support the CFO / Project Manager / Business Development Manager by providing the bandwidth and expertise to undertake a cross-border transaction. To achieve the best results, we develop through all of our projects a very hands-on approach to our advisory work, with very close management of the whole process, from strategic thinking through to execution.

Creating Value:

We focus on areas where we can deliver real added value and proven results. Based on our broad experience, we offer domain expertise: Industrial, Manufacturing, Retail, Finance, Environment & CleanTech, Entertainment, Technology, Media & Telecommunication. To optimize outcomes for our clients, we have built a solid network of partners that allow us to act effectively:

  • Boutique Investment Banks (US, EMEA and Asia)
  • Private Equity, Private Investors and VC Funds (EMEA and Asia)

Meeting Your Expectations:

We establish long-term relationships with clients based on mutual trust and proven successes over more than one transaction. We emphasize the entrepreneurial side of the Business, always looking to optimize shareholders’ interests. We deliver growth through smart financial engineering without erosion of control.


Our Expertise:

Our expertise is based on our team’s multi-disciplinary and culturally diverse backgrounds. Over many years, our senior team members have built strong operational experience, as former entrepreneurs, board members and top-managers in large groups. They have gained real international exposure, having established and developed businesses in several countries across several continents. We can offer a broad skillset, mastering at least two foreign languages with a deal-closing capability and combining areas of expertise and tangible experience (Industrial, Manufacturing, Retail, Finance, Environment & CleanTech, Entertainment, Technology, Media & Telecommunication).

Our Added Value:

Our broad spectrum of skills allows Realis to contribute significantly to our clients’ business growth. Our in-house Think-Tank enables us to think ahead on a medium to long term view. We design strategies that anticipate market evolution through analysis, data mining and feedback collection from clients, investors and partners. We design innovative approaches to deals and transactions through:

  • Looking at situations from different perspectives
  • Developing expert in-house financial engineering
  • Turning opportunities into strategic moves.

Our Modus Operandi

Our team integrate into an on-going process to implement a broadly defined growth strategy. We place all our efforts into finding the right match to our clients defined growth objectives. We contribute from the start to help our clients define and sort the priorities within their growth strategy and to manage a full process from conception to completion.