Arie Capital Technology EIS

“Following the growth of Arie Capital Limited, it is an exciting time to help launch the Arie Capital Technology EIS.

With a focus on next generation high technology, we see excellent opportunities to participate in what we believe is the most disruptive and interesting sector of our time. Our team has experience investing in low cost satellite technology, consumer electronics, big data and telecommunications. We see value in companies that have strong and scalable IP.

Many of the opportunities we review are not broadly available to UK investors. We’d like to change that by presenting a managed discretionary EIS fund, benefiting from our commercial experience and due diligence. Drawing from our experience in EIS, technology and company mentorship, we are aiming to create an investment that is both interesting and rewarding to hold.”

Stephen Margolis Chairman Arie Capital


An unapproved discretionary portfolio which intends to diversify investor subscriptions across a target of at least four EIS qualifying companies.

Focus Areas

B2B technology companies between Seed and Round A in the areas of Fintech, Big Data, Internet of Things, mobile applications, consumer and industrial electronics, medical and web based technology.

Investee Criteria

Innovative and scalable technology.
Established proof of concept (MVP, revenues, partnerships).
Experienced management team with a strong track record.

Targeted Returns

£2 for each £1 share held by Investors, net of all costs, performance fees and not including any potential tax relief.

Minimum Investment

£10,000 initial investment and £1,000 increments thereafter.

Closing Date

Friday 23 March 2018.

Investment Period

Primarily the 2017/2018 tax year. However, some investments may fall into the 2018/2019 tax year. The targeted investment period is three to five years.


Investors will be subject to an initial fee of 2.5% and a Performance Fee of 20% of returns above £1.35 for every £1 invested.

Fund Manager

Sapphire Capital Partners.

Independent Review

Hardman & Co.

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