It’s time for all Israeli Startups to expand… to China


When most people think of China (with exception to its rich culture and tasty food) they think of all the inexpensive goods that get exported from there. BUT, the Chinese government is trying to break out of that reputation. They are working towards shifting from being a manufacturing-centric economy, to a service and consumer-led economy.

Then, Chinese VCs and CEOs are very well aware of the fact that Israel is the ultimate jackpot for all innovations they are looking to dive into. They are ready, willing, and able to start signing checks.

Fun fact: in the US alone, Chinese VC-backed startups raised $27.5 billion, representing more than two-thirds of Asia’s total deal value in 2015.

Now is the time for Israeli entrepreneurs to grab a piece of the pie. If you’re looking to expand set your sights on China. They have a great deal of wealth, and a huge potential user base you can easily make your own, and Arie Capital can help you make that possible with our Chinese partners. Contact us for more info.


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