Europe’s hottest startups 2016: Tel Aviv


Tel Aviv’s startups are driven by a mentality of ‘we’re all in this together’

  • Population 1.3 million
  • Size 52km2
  • Global cities index ranking 62


Something’s changing in the startup nation. Where once Israel’s tech scene was known for its high-value exits, local companies are now building world-class companies at home.


“Something clicked the past few years,” says Eden Shochat, a partner at Tel Aviv-based Aleph Venture Capital. “The combination of past exits, the return of expats after acquisitions and the new-kibbutz mentality of ‘We’re in this together’ is driving a second golden age of startups – this time focused on building big companies born in Israel.”

In addition to Tel Aviv’s well-established technology expertise, there’s another reason behind its continued success, according to AppsFlyer CEO Oren Kaniel, 40. “Because the local market doesn’t exist, startups need to target global markets from day one.”


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